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a company with a proud tradition of customer service and innovation.

We specialise in the production and trade of organic compounds and raw materials for the manufacture of ORGANIC MINERAL FERTILIZER, PET FOOD, LIVESTOCK FEED, POULTRY FEED, FISH FEED and INTEGRATORS. We also supply biogas additives and other products for TECHNICAL USES.

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Wolfgang DobersIt all began in 1985 with the merger of two companies – Milan-based ITAL-REIPA and R.E.I.P.A Wolfgang H. Dobers from Lugano, Switzerland. For over 70 years these companies were involved in the Europe-wide trade of raw materials for glue and gelatine manufacturers, and animal and vegetable by-products for the fertilizer and feed industry.

The resulting entity, REIPA TRADING SA, is headquartered in Bioggio near Lugano in the southern part of Switzerland and leverages the combined know-how and experience of its two predecessors as well as the efficiencies resulting from improved economies of scale.
Over the last ten years, REIPA has progressively expanded its own production of a range of organic fertilizers as well as protein meals for animal feed and pet food manufacturers.

We are committed to cultivating close working relationships with our customers and to providing tailored products of the highest quality that meet our customers’ individual needs. We have successfully partnered with some of Italy’s biggest fertilizer, protein hydrolysate and yeast lysate manufacturers.
We work continuously on enhancing the acceptance of our products and on finding new applications and markets for them. For instance, we were one of the first exporters for poultry meal from Italy and in recent years we have started marketing organic poultry meal to the pet food industry. REIPA TRADING SA services customers throughout Europe and is a member of the Milan commodities and grain exchange.



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